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Tournament Rules

  • Each angler will receive an Angler ID along with a tournament bag at registration

  • Catch & Release tournament only

  • No bait or berley to be used

  • Photos of the fish must be on a brag mat with Angler ID in view, these photos must be taken from directly above the fish not on an angle, they must also be clear and easily read

  • Angler ID will change colour each day of competition (To be picked up from the boatshed from 6am onwards each day)

  • All Flathead over 68cm (Overall length) & All Bream over 38cm (Fork length) must be seen & verified by judges.

  • Scoring

    • Flathead: 2 points per CM with Bonus of 10 points for every 10cm from 40cm onwards (e.g. Flathead 42cm = 42 x 2 + 10 = 94 Points)

    • Bream: 4 points per CM with Bonus of 10 points for every 5CM over 35CM onwards (e.g. Bream 38CM = 38 x 4 + 10 = 162 Points)

  • Fishing is permitted in the Tuross lake system as well as Coila lake

  • All fish caught are eligible to be photographed and entered in the tournament

  • Only the best 5 Flathead & 5 Bream from each angler will make up points for champion angler

  • All other fish are eligible for mystery length & mystery fish prizes

  • All Anglers must comply with all NSW state fishing regulations including licenses, Life jacket etc.

  • No dead or disfigured fish will be allowed to be entered

  • Registrations & Briefing will commence at Club Tuross on Friday 3rd April 2019 at 5pm - (There will be refreshments & BBQ eats for sale)

  • Fishing times are Saturday 4th April 7am & 4pm and Sunday 5th April, 7am & 3pm

  • Dinner Saturday night at Club Tuross. Prizes will start at 6pm, Dinner will be served at 7pm. Seating will be as your competitors number at the tables, if you have other family members that you have paid for they will be on the same table & competitors number with letter beside it, (e.g. 91 A, 91 B etc.)

  • Sunday - Presentation will commence at Club Tuross Beach Bar at 4pm (There will be refreshments & BBQ eats for sale)


Entries Cost:

Adults Male - $122.50

Adults Female - $102.50

Junior -$ 42.50 (Please note that junior competitors are not eligible to win

Champion angler prizes unless registered as an Adult prior to tournament, they

will however be entitled to win Mystery fish & Mystery length prizes)


All competitors are eligible for giveaway & raffle prizes.

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